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Schizophrenia and bipolar affective disorder are a major burden to affected individuals and their families as well as to society at large. These two severe mental illnesses affect at least 2% of the population worldwide, and up to ~ 50% of sufferers do not receive adequate treatment. Further, these disorders cost hundreds of billions in healthcare provision, treatments and lost earnings.

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The current diagnosis of schizophrenia (and other psychiatric disorders, such as bipolar depression) is highly  subjective, not only because of the complex spectrum of symptoms and their overlap with other mental disorders, but also due to the lack of empirical markers or objective tests specific for the disease. In addition, contemporary drug treatments do not effectively treat all aspects of the disease and can often have severe side effects that make it difficult for many patients to continue with medication. Despite intensive efforts by the pharmaceutical industry, therapeutic regimes available to treat these disorders are largely aimed at relieving symptoms and work best at slowing or halting the underlying disease progression in early stage or less severe cases, making early and accurate diagnosis essential.

However, psychiatrists currently come to their diagnosis based on observation of both the presence and duration (up to 6 months) of certain signs and symptoms. Many times patients visit their doctor during the prodrome phase due to anxiety, social isolation, difficulty making choices, and problems with concentration and attention, symptoms presenting many psychiatric and medical conditions, making absolute diagnosis difficult and protracted. This often results in long periods (up to 1-3 years) of untreated psychosis during which the disease severity increases before appropriate therapeutics are prescribed to schizophrenia patients. It is worth noting that, where early treatment has been possible, it is associated with greatly improved patient outcomes.

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